My name is Hannes Schulze. After working on an icelandic farm for about a year I returned to Berlin to study communication design. Following that I started to work under the alias “Nur Mut”.

Since then I have been working on various projects ranging from Print-, Editorial- & Corporate-Design to Fairdrawing, 3D- & Motion-Design. My preferred field of work however is everything that has to do with Print- & Editorial-Design.


So far I have been able to work with many great clients. Brands like Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S, Bentley Motors Limited, Volkswagen AG, Kaufland Warenhandel GmbH as well as agencies such as Die Brandenburgs/Werbeagentur GmbH, DADDY creative communications GmbH, Redearch Studios Berlin GmbH or KircherBurkhardt GmbH to name just a few.

After Work

Aside from the paid work I always strive to realize personal projects to further broaden my experience and portfolio. this also gives me an opportunity to create content I feel personally connected to.

If I am not out with my friends, snowboarding, biking or on my favorite island (Iceland) I am probably watching some tutorials on how to improve my software skills. ;-D